At first glance, the name of our company may seem fantastic to you.


Avtorazum is the collective mind of a lot of like-minded people and professionals.


Avtorazum will do everything to make the client relax, because after his appeal to our company everything will happen automatically - intelligently, organized and understandable.


Avtorazum will tell you the right solution.


Avtorazum has been involved in automotive test drives for 10 years. During this time, the company has established itself not just as a reliable partner. Our ideas, approaches in work and principles are unique. We lay out the routes of expeditions to the places where no man has gone before.  


The project Discover Russia made it possible to organize an expedition Land Rover in Kamchatka. We were the first to organize expeditions to Sakhalin, in the desert of Chara, Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya, the Lena Pillars and the ice of Lake Baikal.


Avtorazum will always find a positive solution for customers. Because I always, in any situation, try to find exceptionally positive moments. To be an optimist is my personal philosophy of life. The main rule in my life is compulsion. Any decision must be executed.



Alexey Simakin

The founder and ideologist of the company Avtorazum.

The first in Russia certified Lead Instructor of the International school Land Rover Experience.

Multiple participant of the international selection of Camel Trophy.

The owner of the Guinness World Records for the longest car journey in the same country.

Master of Sports of the USSR in Sailing.

Two-time champion of Russia in Sailing.

Avtorazum is an agency of experts in the field of automobile events with a serious technical and unique expeditionary work experience in all regions of Russia and beyond.


Our technical experts develop author's car simulators, experienced instructors allow guests to get maximum bright impressions from the event, and the client service and management correspond to the European level.


We believe in what we do, and do what we are interested in!


Julia Shendrygina / Jaguar Land-Rover

"I consider myself a very happy customer, because I work with an excellent contractor and still a happy person, because I communicate with excellent people"

"Knowing that everything will be done in time and without errors, we happily entrusted our site with Avtorazum. Including clarity and smoothness of teamwork we got a wonderful event, a lot of positive feedback from guests and a great mood! »

Oksana Penkova / Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO






Since 2013, Land Rover Russia has been carrying out a series of unique Discover Russia expeditions. In five years leading journalists visited the most beautiful and remote parts of our country have experienced the legendary Discovery cars in conditions of extreme cold and heat.


Now you have such an opportunity. Take part in Discover Russia expeditions, discover Russia, feel ownership of a strong and boundless country, appreciate its scale and diversity. Check your strength for strength.

Discover Russia - Старт проекта
Discover Russia - Итоговое видео 2017 года

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