160,000 RUB


Be prepared for an unforgettable journey through the amazing winter Baikal. Take advantage of the unique chance to overcome the deepest lake of the planet on the ice! After all, according to the forecasts of scientists, soon due to climate change Baikal will cease to freeze.




We will move along the ice of Lake Baikal over the deepest point on the Buryat coast, visit the sacred place for Buddhists - Ogoi Island, taste traditional Buryat cuisine in the village of Buguldeika. We will visit the Shaman-cliff, which is the visiting card of Baikal, we will climb to the most northern point of the island of Olkhon - Cape Khoboy, where a breathtaking view of Baikal opens. We have to visit the Sahakurta, which is also called "the gates of Lake Baikal", not far from it we will see the rock inscriptions of the IV-V centuries BC.




During the expedition there will always be a team of experienced instructors near you certified at the headquarters of Land Rover Experience, who have been participating for many years in various automobile journeys in hard-to-reach regions of Russia and other countries. They will become your helpers, ready to support in every moment if necessary. With their help, you can overcome any off-road difficulties on the route, learn about all the functions and systems of the car, to reveal all its possibilities.

BOOK AN ADVENTURE: 4-9 MARCH, 13-18 MARCH и 20-25 MARCH 2018


160,000 RUB


Baikal is not in vain called the "sacred sea". The deepest lake on the planet deserves this name, it conquers everyone with its amazing beauty. In winter Baikal opens completely from the other side, allowing travelers to get to the most hidden places. Particularly striking is the exceptional transparency of the unique Baikal ice and bizarre piles of hummocks, reminiscent of crystal.




08:00   Breakfast

10:00   Off-road test-drive to Buguldeika

13:30   Lunch in Buguldeika village. Tasting of

             national cuisine dishes

15:00   Test-drive to Sakhurta village. Visiting

             the marble career with cave

             paintings, photo shooting on the

             observation deck against winter


18:30   Test-drive on the ice to Olkhon island

20:00   Check in to the Baikal View hotel.




08:00   Breakfast

09:00   Test-drive on the ice to Ogoy island -

             mecca of Buddhists

10:00   Visiting Cape Shaman (Shaman Rock) -

             the must-see place of the Baikal

11:00   Visiting the fish smokehouse where it

             is possible to purchase famous Baikal

             smoked fish

12:00   Lunch at the Bencharov homestead

13:00   Off-road test-drive or test-drive on

             the ice (depends on the ice

             conditions) to Cape Khoboy

17:00   Photo shooting against the Baikal at

             the highest point of the cape

17:30   Coming back to Baikal View hotel.

             Free time

21:00   Dinner




08:00   Breakfast

09:00   Test-drive to the deepest point of

             Lake Baikal. Photo shooting

11:00   Test-drive on the ice to east coast of

             the Baikal

13:00   Lunch on the ice of the lake (pies, tea,

             freshly brewed coffee, etc.)

17:00   Test-drive to Ulan-Ude

19:00   Check in to the Mergen Bator hotel

20:00   Dinner




09:00   Breakfast

10:00   Test-drive to Ivolginsky Datsan

11:00   Excursion

13:00   Lunch

14:00   Test-drive to Taphar Plato

15:00   Photo shooting

16:00   Coming back to hotel

19:00   Dinner




07:00   Breakfast

07:30   Transfer to Ulan-Ude airport


             Suitable flight S7116 [departure from

             Ulan-Ude 9:25 - arrival to Moscow

             DME 11:00]




08:45   Meeting at the airport with Land

             Rover sign

09:00   Briefing in the arrivals area. Crews


09:30   Transfer to Listvyanka village

10:30   Check in to the Anastasia hotel.

             Breakfast. Free time. Rest after the

             night flight

13:00   Lunch

15:00   Visiting the Baikal Limnological

             Museum. Guide tour

16:00   Driving on the ice of Lake Baikal to

             Bolshie Koty village. Safety briefing.

             Driving on ice practice

20:30   Dinner


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